Real Ways to Make Money From Home

Are you searching for real ways to make money from home? You've come to the right place. Here, we will list a number of methods that you can start applying right away to make real money online. You may choose any of these ways to start earning real cash online.

Ways to earn extra money online

1. Buy/Sell Popular Domain Names

Every time a person says I'm looking for real ways to make money from home, they hardly consider buying or selling popular domain names. However, the fact is, it is one of the most effective ways to earn cash online.

One must also remember that without putting real efforts, it is very difficult to make consistent income on the web.Despite the fact that buying & selling popular domains can generate a good amount of income, still, you must never rely on it solely. Nonetheless, we won't rule out the profitability of this business model just yet since there are people have earned tons of profits simply by selling various domain names on the internet.

The profitability of any domain name depends on 2 crucial aspects:

1. Making sure it is of the highest quality
2. The method you use to promote it on the internet

How to buy as well as sell popular domains to maximize your revenue online?

a. Go deep when identifying your target audience
At first, it is wise not to rely on choosing a domain simply because it's from a popular market online.
There are people who get quite excited when they're just starting out in this method.

For example, in case you elect to purchase a domain name associated with healthcare firms just because you're certain that since doctors are typically wealthy, you wouldn't have much trouble selling a domain in this field. However, this does not work always.

To begin with, without a good understanding of this topic, you would hardly know the target market and ways to promote the domain within the healthcare sector.

So, it’s important to pick the right target audience first after thorough research and choose the domain names taking into account the industries that you truly know and understand.

b. Search for hot keywords
Knowing suitable keywords based on the target market is not that challenging.

Simply open the free Keyword Planner on Google. Type in the keyword you want to target for domain names. Google planner will show you some of the highest searched terms with an estimate of the traffic received each month.

c. Finding high-quality domains for cheap
When it comes to buying domain names for a reasonable rate, you can find lots of options online.

You may either use online auction sites like Godaddy to purchase a brand new domain name or buy it from the web hosting company.

Below, we have listed some of the key platforms that you can use to purchase a high-quality domain for cheap:


d. Best places to sell your domains
Finding a direct customer isn’t always easy. Hence, we have compiled a list of websites that can be used to sell these domain names for greater profits.

Godaddy Auctions

2. Start an eCommerce store

If you want to get into the business of selling physical products online, then look no further than an eCommerce site when considering real ways to make money from home.

You can use any of the 2 methods in order to run a successful eCommerce shop:

1. Creating your own physical products and selling them to a set group of people.

2. Buying inexpensive items manufactured in other nations, repackaging and selling them for profits.

When you consider the first approach, it's likely to be quite fruitful, however, it does need a passion for a specific product in addition to the eagerness to do plenty of research, development & testing of the products.

However, the success stories of BeardBrand, Ratio Coffee & SkinnyMe Tea prove it's not impossible to achieve big success if you select this approach.

If this approach seems a bit risky especially if you're a beginner who's just starting out online, the 2nd approach that involves reselling top products from other countries may work for you. It involves buying a popular item from sites such as Alibaba or Aliexpress, repackaging the items, and selling them on your eCommerce store.

In addition to selling appropriate products, you may also be required to consider how you will ship them to your buyers. You may handle the shipping and order fulfillment on your own or select the drop shipping method that enables the manufacturer to handle everything on your behalf.

3. Job board site based on subscription

Subscription-based job boards are another lucrative way of making money online.

It is also not that difficult. Folks wanting to hire somebody associated with a specific field can create a job listing onto your website and get the right candidate.

You may either decide to charge individuals for posting a job listing on your site or you may also charge the individuals who decide to apply for various jobs for a monthly subscription.

Remember that you require a good amount of visitors for this method to work successfully. No one would like to pay for a job posting that doesn't attract qualified traffic.

For instance, let us take the example of ProBlogger. On this site, individuals & companies don't mind paying a small fee for posting their job. Plus, they allow anyone to apply freely on their site for any specific job. As ProBlogger is one of the top job boards with a big audience, people who decide to create a job listing on ProBlogger are likely to get tons of applications for every listing.

4. Online Directories

Even though online directories may not be seen as popular as job boards, still they function identically. The only difference is that rather than folks paying you for posting jobs, or gaining access to a premium job listing, they will be paying a monthly subscription fee for listing their site on your directory.

Imagine that you're running a website that’s aimed towards web design and development. You create targeted content & have good authority online. In this case, you may consider creating a directory section of your website that allows web agencies and developers to buy a listing.

This way, they'll not only gain a high-quality backlink but also increase the amount of targeted traffic to their services.

Many times, directories charge a monthly fee for each of these listings. You may even decide to charge a set fee for premium members and put their listing on the first position of your listing.

5. Publish books on Amazon Kindle

Writing books comes next in this list of real ways to make money from home. People who're passionate about writing books can earn money by self-publishing them on Amazon Kindle. The platform lets both experienced as well as new writers to write and publish their books to make it available for a huge market on Amazon.

Since the barrier for entry is so low, the competition is likely to be huge in most categories. However, by doing the right research, you can easily find topics that are not as competitive as the typical ones. Plus, when you satisfy the expectations of the readers, you will be able to boost your odds of success on Amazon Kindle.

Whilst publishing your first book on Kindle, you can control every single aspect of publishing. Meaning, you can write, edit, and format your book, create your cover, upload it on Amazon, write a description, and promote it using whichever means possible for you.

However, this additional work can allow for a greater share of the profits. Depending upon the final price of your book, you will be able to earn up to 70 percent of every sale.

Below are a few that can help you increase your chances of success on Amazon Kindle:

1. Do proper research on your market. Ensure you have a decent number of buyers in the market and competition level is not that high for beginners.

2. Do your best when writing your book & invest some cash on an experienced editor.

3. Hire a graphic designer to produce an HQ cover for your book.

4. Add appropriate keywords in the description of your book.

5. Try to publish a series of books on any given topic to boost your chances of dominating the marketplace.

The success of each author on Amazon Kindle is totally under their control. It all comes down to writing the best possible content for each of your books and growing your email list to increase a loyal base of followers. The more books you decide to publish on Kindle, the faster you can progress, & the more cash you can generate.

6. Start reselling website hosting services

This is another popular method to generate cash online. In general, it involves offering the required space to the customer in the form of a dedicated server, which can be used for building your individual website hosting brand.

When you start reselling website hosting services, you can:
Generate cPanel-powered accounts for hosting customer sites;
Create custom resource spaces (bandwidth limit, disk space, etc);
Easily handle all accounts through WHM.

As cPanel is an effective tool for managing a web hosting account, you can easily attract other people. The uptime for any server can also be evaluated by administrative staff to make sure better uptime & availability.

Lastly, a 24*7 help team can help solve all the queries you may have.

Individuals who know how website hosting works should have no trouble turning this business model into real ways to make money from home.