Best Survey Sites to Earn Cash in 2020

Yes, it is possible to make money through surveys. Even though generating cash from your home through paid surveys is quite possible, it might discourage some if they don't know what they're doing and where should they start. You may numerous sites on the internet offering you paid surveys online. But, most of these may not be trustworthy. However, you'll also find a good number of sites for taking paid surveys online that are reliable and legit sources to make money.
After going through all the things we have listed in this article, you'll be able to start receiving surveys for money on a day to day basis. If after reading this article, you think that paid surveys aren't for you, then it is totally fine. Just make sure to try to follow the tips we have provided in this article.

Ways to earn extra money online

5 Best Survey Sites in 2019:

1. Swagbucks

One of the best survey sites to take paid surveys is Swagbucks. This site is well known & has built up a powerful reputation on various social media sites as a result of fruitful marketing campaigns. In addition to paid surveys, you can find other ways to make money on Swagbucks. For example, completing tasks is another common way to earn cash on Swagbucks. These may comprise watching certain videos, online shopping, etc.

Swagbucks is quite transparent in regards to how their distribution and usage of user data. They mention on their site that they're among the leading sites to offer Free Rewards Program on the web.

The website has a professional design that attracts plenty of users. In short, they're quite unique among all the other paid survey sites.

Not only are they legit, but and you will find it easy to make some easy bucks on their site.

Swagbucks: How does it work?

Swagbucks offers a points system known as SB. You earn SB for completing easy tasks which they offer you. These may include watching videos, online shopping, taking paid surveys, etc.

Each SB is equal to 1 cent. Thus, when you receive a task which pays 100 SB, you'll be earning $1.00 for it.

A huge variety of offers that even beginners can complete making money.
Different prizes on various tasks.
The interface is quite user-friendly.
Sign up is totally FREE.

It may be hard to add up cash in your account if you don't complete multiple tasks.

Hunt for SB, due to its addictive nature may take a user away from making money they actually desire.

Overall, Swagbucks offers a simple way to earn side cash online on a monthly basis. This isn't a scam site & pays on time.

2. MySurvey

In our list of best survey sites, MySurvey comes next because it's a trustworthy and reputable paid survey site on the internet. MySurvey is an old player in this industry & has earned an excellent reputation over the years.

Users who have used this site to earn cash have enjoyed working on their platform. Plus, the payment is done quickly as compared to other paid survey platforms. Once you reach the $10 threshold, it's very easy to withdraw your cash. Also, the amount of surveys you receive is much higher than other similar sites.

It's not uncommon to get around 3-4 survey invites on a weekly basis. Another thing to notice is the surveys are not that lengthy and boring. Thus, you won't need to dedicate a lot of energy in completing them.

Some users have even received up to 10 surveys each week.

MySurvey: How does it work?

The registration process is fairly quick. The platform seems more light-hearted & is a must when you're searching for the best survey sites online.

Each survey is interesting enough to make the user stick till the end. Typically, you earn 10 points after completing a 5-min survey. Some surveys can make you up to a thousand points, however, these are not that common.

You can expect plenty of survey invites

A huge range of prizes.

The interface is user-friendly.

The majority of the surveys are associated with MySurvey, hence no external links can be found.

Short surveys.

Payment may take up to four to eight weeks of the processing period.

You must examine your account every now and then for getting survey invites.

3. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars do not pay like other survey sites.

So, it may take a while for you to accumulate adequate cash to cash out. But, Inbox Dollars can be good for individuals who love paid surveys, and various trial offers. Additionally, users may also make money through the referral program of Inbox Dollars. For maximizing your earnings, it's important to take part in the maximum number of surveys. Also, the can that you generate may depend on your personal profile as well as demographic details.

Good for individuals who enjoy participating in surveys.

Users can generate cash through the referral program.

Sign up is easy and free of cost.
You're required to sign up with several other sites.

Potential for making cash is not as much.

4. Toluna

Toluna is next in this list of best survey sites for 2020. Toluna is a trustworthy name in the online paid survey industry and they have collaboration with a number of popular brands. The majority of these companies wish to understand what their customers think of the various services and products they offer.

By offering your true opinion, you become eligible for the compensation for the given time. A few of the rewards which users can earn through Toluna include Amazon gift cards, prize draws, and free trial products.

A usual survey on this site can make you around 3k and 6k points. After you have accumulated a minimum of 80,000 points, you will be eligible for a voucher that's equal to around $20.

Even though it would be very challenging to receive free products, the website is an excellent option for individuals who enjoy receiving freebies. A number of surveys from Toluna need around 15 minutes. So, it may take around 4 hours to earn sufficient points for getting the voucher.

A reliable and honest company when it comes to paid surveys.

Sign up is free.

Offers compensation through cash.

Users may also receive additional small gifts.

Most surveys ask for qualifications.

The user may receive notification of disqualification after completing the survey.

5. Vivatic

Vivatic is another platform you can consider to receive paid surveys on a regular basis. They also let users earn cash via paid reviews, data entry, etc. Among the primary benefits of joining Vivatic is their reward system. Based on your profile info, you may earn some bucks for each survey. Before you can cash out, it is important to reach the minimum requirement of $30.

In short, Vivatic is legit, and also quite straight forward to work with. Typically, it may take up to 15 min to complete a regular survey at Vivatic. As they provide additional ways to earn cash, Vivatic is the last site on our list of best paid survey sites for 2020.

Users have an adequate number of surveys to pick from.

User is free to choose from other ways to earn cash besides surveys.

Surveys are short compared to other similar platforms.

Daily polls are not available.

New users may not see enough work available on their dashboard.

Be sure to use search engines for finding sites that offer you to take paid surveys. You can begin by typing for keywords such as legit online surveys, trustworthy survey sites, etc. This way, you're likely to find sites that are genuine and popular among users. After registering on a number of these sites, be sure to visit your e-mail inbox regularly so that you do not miss out on any big survey opportunities. Most of the high paying survey jobs are only available for a very short time. You do not want to pass on any of these opportunities.

Earning some money in this industry is perhaps among the simplest methods out there. By following the advice that we have provided you in this blog post, it would be very possible for you to make some quick bucks on the web through paid survey offers.

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