Best Paid Survey Sites for Newbies

In the early days, paid surveys were conducted by mail, over the phone, and in person. Thankfully, due to the rise of the internet, companies are able to administer these surveys faster than ever. Top companies pay a hefty sum to trustworthy online survey websites for gathering customer input in regards to their services or products.
Today, you can easily get paid online surveys from the comfort of your house. Although you may find a few unreliable sources on the web, with proper understanding and know-how, it is not that difficult to spot a good number of sites that pay you well for your opinions.

Ways to earn extra money online

How Much Cash Can You Generate with Online Surveys?

Survey sites are middlemen among big brands and customers. Since your opinion offers great value to major brands, these sites will happily offer you cash, discount cards, and other similar things in return. So, the amount of cash you generate depends on the amount of paid surveys available on the sites.

It is not that challenging to take surveys online. You only require some basic stuff like a desktop or a laptop, a reliable internet connection & an hour or two each day. There is no additional qualification or skillset necessary to take these surveys. A number of sites may offer surveys as well as a few extra tasks. You may also earn cash by watching videos on YouTube, shop online, test various products from the comfort of your house, play games, etc.

The above tasks may not turn a person rich overnight, nonetheless, doesn't it feel great to know that you can earn some easy money simply by filling-in a basic questionnaire while watching your favorite movie?

How to Get Paid Using Online Surveys?

When it comes to getting paid for online surveys, it's best to start off by joining as many reliable websites as possible. Also, it is important to keep all the options open since not all of these sites may have money-making surveys available for you each day. You might have adequate time for taking these surveys however there may be a few sites that may not offer any paid surveys at the time you log in. Thus, it is crucial to register on a number of these sites to get paid online surveys.

The next reason to register an account on several websites is very few may find themselves eligible for each of the paid surveys you find on your dashboard. Thus, the more sites you join, the greater the odds of earning through these sites.

Top 6 Sites to Get Paid Online Surveys:

You'll come across a number of survey sites online, which includes both legit as well as scam sites. To make your job easier, we've listed 10 of the best sites for online paid surveys which are high paying and legit.

1. Survey Junkie

The best thing about this site is that it is quite straightforward and you can get started almost instantly on this site. With more than 5 million participants, Survey Junkie is a top paid survey site online. You will find new surveys being added on this site on a daily basis.

What's more, you also know precisely how much you'll be earning prior to even starting your survey.

Joining Survey Junkie:

Registration on this site is super simple. It only takes a minute or two using your email address. Another thing is that they pay customers for completing the screening questionnaire as well.

Once you register, you'll be able to browse through the various categories for finding your preferred survey and take it right away. After you've completed the survey, Survey Junkie will add the designated points or cash to the given account. There's no restriction in regard to the number of surveys you can take on this site. You're free to take multiple surveys at once in required.

The majority of the surveys will generate around 100 pts. - 200pts. You will be able to request a payout through PayPal after you complete the 1k points threshold (equal to $10).

2. Vindale Research

For people who don't prefer sites with a point system, Vindale Research can be another option for the best-paid survey sites online. They pay cash for each survey taken on their platform. Besides, it is among the few sites which pay you above average for each paid survey you take.

Joining Vindale Research:

The sign-up process for Vindale Research is very identical to Survey Junkie. So, it shouldn't take you long to enter the dashboard area. Before you go any further, you must first complete the profile section. This includes adding info like your relationship status, ZIP code, yearly income, etc.

In addition to some short surveys, members can also take some high paying paid surveys from different brands. They may be a bit more challenging and may take a while to complete, nonetheless, they're ideal to earn big money in a short period of time.

3. OneOpinion

This is another option available for the residents of the UK, United States, France Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, or Australia looking for best-paid survey sites.

Surveys are offered in 3 ways on OneOpinion:

a. You can search for available surveys right on the website.
b. Receive invitations directly at your registered email id.
c. Use the mobile application of OneOpinion which offers additional surveys for mobile devices.

Joining OneOpinion:
Sign up is free and you can get started instantly. Like most of the sites that offer paid surveys, OneOpinion uses a points system to its members. You're able to redeem these points either as Paypal cash or as gift cards.

Besides paid surveys, OneOpinion also allows you to get paid for testing various products. Panel members are eligible for testing upcoming products prior to their release in the market.

Members can expect to make around $2- $6 for each successful survey and at times, you may also find surveys earning you $12-$16.

4. Swagbucks

Another alternative for best-paid survey sites is Swagbucks. This is a very trustworthy platform with plenty of positive feedbacks from its members. You can easily complete a few each day in your free time to add up the rewards and cash pretty rapidly.

Joining Swagbucks:

When creating your account, you will need to enter your demographic info as well as other details like your income, age, interest topics just like the other sites on this list. Based on the type of answers you provide and eligibility level, Swagbucks will send you various types of surveys.

You'll receive SBs for each survey you complete which can be then converted into gift cards or cash.
Simple, right?
Members can also earn some cash by:

Discovering different deals.
Watching videos
Online search
Shopping online

The site also offers you a $10 bonus after you register.

5. MyPoints

Members can earn reward points by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, etc. Ever since its launch in the year 1996, MyPoints has paid more than ten million thus far.

Joining MyPoints:
Sign up doesn't take long just like the other sites. After completing your basic profile, you become eligible to earn points. Members can also try out the handy mobile application of MyPoints (currently offered for Apple devices only) for taking surveys on the go.

After reaching the minimum threshold (700 points), members can utilize them for a cash deposit to their PayPal or Visa debit card. Alternatively, they can redeem the points to get gift cards from top brands.

The best thing is, the points that you earn after completing each survey can be redeemed without any delay, as opposed to other sites with a much longer waiting period. Typically, the site wonโ€™t pay more than $6 for each survey you complete.

6. CashCrate

With more than 2 Million registered members, CashCrate offers other activities besides paid surveys for its members:

Testing new products
Shopping online
Friend referrals

Joining CashCrate:
Joining takes less than a minute. Once you're in, you're free to take paid surveys to earn cash rewards. After you reach the $20 threshold (using points), you'll become eligible to withdraw your cash. Besides, you can also generate additional points when you share an image of your cash paper check on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Conclusion: Best Paid Survey Sites for Newbies

Irrespective of your age or skill sets, using the best-paid survey sites in this list, you can make a decent amount of cash online. You are free to select any type of survey you want without any obligation. The most important thing to note is that each of the above sites is 100% free to join. A legitimate survey site will never ask its members to pay them a certain amount of cash after they register. In case you do come across any such site that makes you pay before you can take their surveys, odds are high that you might have come across one of the many scam sites operational online. Such sites are likely to take your cash and ignore you completely once you become a member. By focusing on the sites we listed in this article, you can get paid online surveys that are reliable and legit sources to earn online.
Ways to earn extra money online
Way to Earn Extra Money Online

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