14 Real Ways to Make Money From Home

It is not that difficult to make money online while working from your home. With a bit of planning and research, you can explore online earning opportunities that are reliable and trustworthy.

Without any doubt, earning side income is one of those things that can truly change a person's life. Money can offer more freedom in a number of ways, in spite of what some individuals may say. Here are 14 real ways to make money from home.

Ways to earn extra money online

1. Grocery shop for others

Individuals who're busy may not have adequate free time and prefer outsourcing most of their tasks which also includes grocery shopping. Besides, senior citizens and physically disabled people may also face difficulty when they want to leave their home for grocery shopping. Instacart is an online service where you earn cash simply by grocery shopping for individuals in your locality.

3. Babysitting

If you enjoy spending time with small kids, then offering child daycare service for a couple of hours each day can be an excellent way to start making money at home. Sites like SitterCity and Care.com pay you for spending a few hours for babysitting jobs. The rates for each job you undertake are likely to vary depending on the total experience you have, the hours required each week and the number of kids for each job. ZipRecruiter states that babysitters can expect an hourly pay rate of $28 most times. Furthermore, you can use the earnings calculator offered by Care.com to calculate your hourly rate working as a babysitter.

5. Start a jewelry making business

Homemade jewelry is in huge demand these days in the market, especially among young women. So, you can definitely consider jewelry making as one of the real ways to make money from home. Whilst starting out, you can take your handmade jewelry items to the nearby stores for initial sales. If they like your designs, they'll definitely want to work with you and it won't be too long before you start getting orders on a regular basis from a number of jewelry stores in your area.

2. Earn through Dosh App

Dosh offers you cashback on tasks you do on a regular basis. Each time you decide to shop at one of the partner locations of Dosh using your bank card, the app will deposit cash directly into your Dosh Wallet. You don't need to worry about promo codes, coupons, etc. Simply download the Dosh application and start shopping as you normally do! In addition to cashback, users can also earn $5 each time they refer a friend or a relative to install the app.

4. Rent your stuff

One of the fastest ways to make passive cash online is to rent your stuff at Fat Llama. Consider it as an Airbnb with the only exclusion being rather than listing your home for certain days, you can list your belongings such as bikes, cameras, scooters as well as cameras.

The site offers a comprehensive insurance plan which covers whichever item you decide to rent on their platform. Besides, they will pay members $20 simply for registering on their site and award members an extra $10 for referring other people who successfully finished the rental procedure.

6. Petsitting

Sites like Rover, Petsit, and DogVacay match individuals with those looking for someone who can watch their pets while they are away from their house. Petsitters are free to set their individual working hours as well as rates and may prefer to watch the pets at the owner's house or their own place. The company claims that the majority of the users make between $14 to $19 each hour on a typical job working as a petsitter.

7. Purchase Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay for a long time. Today, you can use bitcoin for paying for travel, online shopping, etc. Members at Coinbase can earn an extra $10 bonus after purchasing $100 worth of this cryptocurrency. For each referral, members are able to make an additional $10.

9. Online Telemarketing Jobs

In order to qualify as a telemarketer, it is necessary to have excellent communication skills. Other necessary skills for this job include attention to detail, the ability to stay well-organized and relevant knowledge of the area you're working in. A few companies may outsource cold calling assignments to 3rd party sites who work with independent contractors for placing the calls. You will usually earn on an hourly basis while working as an online telemarketer. Plus, you might also earn commission and incentives based on your overall performance.

Top recommendations:

8. Get Paid for Your Expertise

If your relatives or friends seek your advice on a particular thing that you are passionate about, then you may want to consider working an expert on the internet. As long as you're able to communicate well in regards to a particular field or topic, you should have no difficulty working as an expert on the internet. JustAnswer is a site where people agree to pay to experts like doctors, lawyers, vets, etc. for answering their questions.

10. Get paid to rent your car

Getaround is an excellent alternative to rental agencies where you are able to rent out your vehicle on a daily or hourly basis, which starts at $5/hour. Based on the market value of your vehicle, you can select your own price that you want to charge per hour. The site takes forty percent share for covering driver insurance & 24/7 roadside help.

11. Become An Online Tester of Websites and Apps

In order to test various websites from your home, it is important to have a good understanding of the internet and also have excellent communication skills in English. The majority of these tests last anywhere between 5 min – 25 min for completion and pay $10 on average.

Top recommendations:

Enroll – Pays for testing sites that are about to launch. WhatUsersDo – The basic pay is $8 (sometimes more) for each test. Each test may last around 15 to 20 min (requirements include a PC or Mac + microphone).
Userfeel – Userfeel pays $10 for each successfully completed test.
TryMyUI – Their tests last around 10-15 min and you earn $10 for each test.
Analysia – Each test may last for about 15 and the pay rate is $10/test.

12. Become an Online Astrologer

You can make money as an online astrologer in 2 ways:

1. Working for a reputable astrology media house or company
As you may already know, a number of astrology companies have started offering horoscope services on the internet. These companies need individuals to use their software for creating charts for their customers. Besides, you can also get paid for making astrological predictions & by matching horoscopes of potential partners. Digital magazines and newspapers appoint astrologers for daily as well as weekly horoscope predictions. So, if you are someone who wants to explore this field, feel free to give it a try.

2. Offering your independent astrology services online
As a freelancer, you can start your own astrology service online. Due to the rising craze of horoscopes in a number of Western countries, there is a lot of potential in this field that you can explore for generating decent side cash.

13. Repair Electronic Items

Folks shatter their smartphones, tablets and crack their screens every now and then. With the right training and equipment, it is very easy to start electronics reparation business working from your home. Even those who hardly know anything about electronic reparation can use sites like YouTube to start their own business working at home.

When it comes to the repair parts such as glass, screens, and charging ports, you can typically get these from eBay or Amazon at discount. Just ensure that you are buying from a seller with a lot of positive ratings since these parts are likely to come from China and may not always be trustworthy and reliable. Besides, you must also ensure to harvest the working parts (if any) from old smartphones to minimize E-wastage.

14. Customer care rep

Alpine Access presently has over 5,000 customer care agents that work from home and respond to inbound calls (since this work does not involve cold calling) for numerous companies. This is an ideal job for people who want to set up their own working hours whilst taking care of their families simultaneously. The typical payout can range from $9 to $10 per hour at Alpine Access. Individuals who work over 20 hours per week can receive additional benefits along with a 401k program after they complete more than 1,000 working hours with the company.

A few other companies that appoint online customer care representative include:


Conclusion: Ways to Make Money from Home

Thanks to the internet, it's become easier than ever to find real ways to make money from home. As the internet does not have its own opening & closing hours, you're free to select your own working hours based on your current requirements and goals. With passive earning opportunities, you can even make money while you are sleeping. One of the key things to remember is to avoid getting distracted from one income stream to another. You must really start by exploring a single opportunity prior to considering another.

Likewise, in regards to different offline work at home opportunities, focus is the key that will decide your rate of success in the long run. Start out small without getting distracted by other income opportunities to give yourself the best chance of making money from home.

Most individuals have a lot to say when it comes to their dreams, however only a few are able to follow through consistently. It is good to have a dream but taking the right action to bring it into your reality is equally important.
Ways to earn extra money online
Way to Earn Extra Money Online

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